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Purrmaid Decal

Purrmaid Decal

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This adorable purrmaid (cat mermaid) decal was inspired by Rocky, a special needs cat who is completely paralyzed in his tail and hind legs.

This decal comes in 3 variations - 1) multicoloured, 2) single colour or 3) inverted single colour (pictured from left to right). Stick it on your car window, decorate your phone, or transform a plain coffee mug - the possibilities are endless!

These decals are made from your choice of permanent or removable/temporary vinyl in your choice of colour (if available). The permanent vinyl is waterproof however not recommended for use in dishwashers - to clean, wipe down with a soft cloth.

Please specify colour preference when placing your order. For multicoloured versions, this includes 1) cat primary, 2) cat secondary, 3) tail, 4) inner ears. For single coloured versions (standard or inverted), please select one colour.
Please refer to the colour chart and/or list below for available colours. For car decals and windows, white usually works best.

Colours available:

Permanent decals:
Black, White, Gold Matt, Silver Matt (looks similar to grey), Light Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Red, Lilac, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, Blue, Sky Blue, Mint, Green, Brown, Dark Grey

Removable/Temporary decals:
Black, White, Brown, Cream, Blue, Red, Pink, Turquoise, Silver Matt (looks similar to grey), Gold Matt, Blue Chrome, Red Chrome, Aqua Chrome, Purple Chrome, Gold Metallic Matt, Silver Metallic Matt, Copper Metallic Matt, Rose Gold Metallic Matt, Graphite Metallic Matt

Approximate sizes:
2.5" x 5" (6.5 x 13cm)
3" x 6" (7.5 x 15cm)
3.5" x 7" (9 x 18cm)
4" x 8" (10 x 20cm)

Please note, as each one is made individually, they may vary slightly from each other as well as from the example pictured.

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