Passion Project - Big Guys Littles World Plushies - Nugget

Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary - Nugget Plushie

Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary (BGLWS) is a non-profit Chihuahua rescue, providing a sanctuary for the neglected, abandoned and abused. The Chihuahuas at the sanctuary are referred to as “Littles” hence the name “Big Guy Littles World”, but are also affectionately known as “misfits”.

In December 2022, BGLWS teamed up with Fluff of My Life and launched a plush toy based on one of the Sanctuary’s favourite “misfits”, Thor. As a result of its success, the plan is to create a collection of limited edition plush toys, each representing a different BGLWS misfit.

Nugget is the second of these and is currently available to preorder

Nugget. This little superstar is the epitome of perseverance, adaptability and resilience. Although Nugget is now living her best life surrounded by love, her journey hasn’t been without challenges. She was born into a hoarding situation, and spent the first three years of her life in a shelter. Born a biped, she was likely overlooked due to her appearance.

Despite her physical limitations and rough start to life, however, she has an unbelievable tenacity to overcome obstacles. She has proved just how handiCAPABLE she is. Not only can she walk.. she can run, climb stairs, even swim! 

Nugget is not only a huge advocate for special needs animals, she is an inspiration and brings an immense amount of joy into the world, both in person as well as online, capturing hearts the world over!

Proceeds made from the sales of these plushies will go directly back into the Sanctuary so Bobby and his team can continue doing the important work that they do.

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