How can I contact you?

There are several ways you can reach out:

  • Website Chat - open the Chat window in the bottom right corner
  • Email - hello@fluffofmylife.com
  • Instragram - @fluffofmylife
  • Facebook

Why has there been no updates for my USPS tracking number?

To keep shipping costs as low as possible without significantly effecting shipping time, my shipping process for US orders happens in 2 stages.

First, your order, along with several others, will be bulk shipped via AusPost express post, from Australia to Ohio, US.

It is then mailed via USPS Ground Advantage from Ohio to the final destination i.e. mailing address specified on your order. The USPS tracking number attached to your order is only in reference to this second stage of the process so you will not receive any USPS updates until your order reaches Ohio.

The bulk shipment in the first stage will be tracked however I do not attach this tracking number to your order as it has confused customers is the past. If you would like this information please reach out via chat or email hello@fluffofmylife.com

Can I have a custom pin made?

Custom pins can be designed and produced as long as you are ordering a minimum of 50 pins. Please reach out via chat or email hello@fluffofmylife.com to discuss further.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes. Please email hello@fluffofmylife.com