Hi~!  Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Kumica.. I'm the face behind Fluff of My Life, which I started in 2019.. and to be completely honest, it started as an experiment.
Let me start from the beginning..
You see, I have always had a creative streak however growing up, I was encouraged to pursue maths and sciences as a career. So, a double Bachelors degree in Science and Information Systems, and a 10+ years in the IT industry later, I found myself leaving a toxic work environment without having another job lined up. Heck, I needed a decent break anyway, I told myself, and vowed not to even start the job hunting process for at least a week or two.
It was during this break when I rediscovered a box full of my old art supplies, and my passion for creating without limits. I was already on a roll with this "taking a leap of faith" business, so I decided to start my own creative business and never did start that job hunting process.
My brand is about love, compassion and happiness. Through my artwork, I hope to impact lives in a positive way, from simply bringing a smile to someone’s face to spreading awareness about important issues and helping to raise funds to donate towards a special cause. My passion projects are driven by inspirational people, animals and stories. These aspects of my brand, I believe, have created a loyal fan base, and an engaged, supportive community.
The business is separated into two branches:
Fluff of My Life aims to raise awareness about pet and animal related issues, particularly with respect to animal abuse/cruelty. Many illustrations are inspired by popular Instagram pet accounts with special needs, which are then used to design tiny enamel pins and other products. Part of the proceeds made from the sale of many of my products are donated to the cause
Ikigai Creations is about celebrating our individual uniqueness whilst showing love and compassion for others. The products generally have a personalised or customised component, whether it be in the form of the recipient’s name or some unique aspect of them. For example, my main two collections are Zodiac Mermaids & Merman (a different male and female version for each star sign), and Mermaids of the World (designs represent various countries/nationalities).
Thank you~!
Thanks for reading this far, and thank you so so much for your support. 
My heart does a lil dance each time someone shows any kind of interest towards my work - from giving me Instalove, and taking part in my giveaways, to buying my stuff or asking for commissions. I truly appreciate all the support & encouragement.