Jack the Dragon Kitty - Under One Sky Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Jack the Dragon Kitty - Under One Sky Animal Rescue Fundraiser

I've partnered up with Under One Sky Animal Rescue to bring you these Jack inspired pins, stickers, postcards, and tees.

Under One Sky Animal Rescue specialises in special needs animals and those with mobility issues. A portion of the proceeds made from the sales of this merch will be donated to assist with the day to day care and rescue efforts.

Meet Jack

Jack was found as a kitten, alone in the streets of New Jersey. A passerby picked him up and took him home to try and care for him. She quickly realised there was something different about him, so took him into a shelter. She believed Jack fell off a roof however it was later found that his injuries were not sustained from the fall.. he was born with them. The shelter staff knew he wouldn’t thrive in a shelter environment, so reached out to Heather at Under One Sky, who had experience with special needs. Jack is now living his best life and is one of many permanent residents at Under One Sky.

Jack has super cute personality and is extremely loving. He exudes unconditional love. When you’re feeling down, he’ll come up to you and rub his face on yours. He loves everyone that walks through the door. He will run right up to say hi and rub on your legs!

Jack was born with congenital deformities mainly in his spine which has caused mobility issues and incontinence. He can, however, walk albeit shakily, and even run - his run looks more like a bunny hop! He falls down a lot but he doesn't let this stop him and always gets back up.

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Jack the Dragon Kitty Products

A portion of the proceeds made from the sale of the following products will be donated to Under One Sky Animal Rescue

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