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Baals the Pit Bull - Any Occasion Greeting Card

Baals the Pit Bull - Any Occasion Greeting Card

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This illustrated greeting card features Baals the Pit Bull. Your purchase will help raise awareness about the misconception of pit bulls, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.



* Glossy finish

* Inside of the card is blank

* Square card 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm)

* Each card comes with a white envelope

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This card is part of the "Special Fluffs Greeting Card Collection".

-- Each card features a special fluff (pet/animal),

-- Each fluff represents an important cause,

-- Each cause will receive a well-deserved donation


Pit bulls are, without question, the most misunderstood “breed" of dog. Their road to adoption is a long one, often thwarted by prejudices, laws and bans which stem from the misconception that these dogs are dangerous.

There are so many myths surrounding these dogs but the bottom line is, we as humans, have failed them. The issue is not the dog or the breed, the issue is the owner. No matter how you look at it, the onus falls on us, yet the dogs bear the brunt of our errors and selfish ways.

Studies show that 84% of dogs involved in fatal attacks were neglected or abused, 86% involved unneutured male dogs, and almost all were not properly socialised and/or had received basic training.

Prior to being adopted, the treatment Baals received from his previous owners would have placed him at high risk of being involved in a dog attack based on these statistics. He was neglected and abused, spending most of his time locked in a crate and fed a poor diet. The abuse and lack of socialisation is evident in his extreme fear of new people and places.

But Baals is one of the lucky ones. Had he not been adopted by his now forever mum, he would have undoubtedly been one of 93% of pitt bulls that are euthanised in US shelters. 22% of shelters euthanise pitt bulls immediately on intake irrespective of temperament. It is estimated that only 1 in 600 ever find a forever home.

With the love he deserves, and the security of a forever home, Baals now has the freedom to be his sweet, loving self. His past traumas still haunt him, especially outside the home, but with Tiana’s love, patience and dedication, he is making steady progress and slowly overcoming his fears and learning to trust humans again. This compassion and forgiving nature of dogs is something we, as humans, should aspire to. Follow Baals

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this card will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society, a pet rescue & advocacy nonprofit with the largest no-kill sanctuary in the US, and a leader of the no-kill movement. They also took in & rehabilitated 22 of the fighting dogs from the Vicks case.

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