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52 Dachshunds of Melbourne Playing Cards

52 Dachshunds of Melbourne Playing Cards

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This unique deck of playing cards features 52 of the cutest Dachshunds in Melbourne (Australia), professionally photographed by Helen Black -

* Cards are standard poker card size, 63x89mm and printed on premium 350gsm card stock with a varnished finish.

* Each card celebrates a different Melbourne Dachshund and the joy they bring is captured in photography by Helen Black. Each dog's name is shown on their individual card.

* The deck includes 52 standard playing cards, 2 joker cards, and a thank you/info card with details about the project.

* The card deck is housed by a box with a magnetic flap to secure it shut. It is printed on sturdy card stock with a varnish finish to resist scuffing and marking

Money was raised for Dachshund Rescue Australia through the creation process, and a percentage of the profit from card sales will also be donated.

Illustrations used for each card suit (heart, diamond, spades, clubs), which is also used for the pattern found on the sides of the box, as well as the 2 joker cards are original artwork by Kumica Truong.

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