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Mac & Crinkleball - Any Occasion Greeting Card

Mac & Crinkleball - Any Occasion Greeting Card

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This illustrated greeting card featuring Mac the special needs kitty and his favourite toy, his crinkle ball.

Mac is part of the special DiPaolo family and has 5 other cat siblings. What makes this family so special is the fact that Lauren and Joe choose to adopt special needs cats only. Their 6 special kitties range from mild to severe, with Mac being at the latter end.

Mac was born with a cleft palate, only half a nostril, cardiomyopathy (a heart disease which makes it difficult for Mac's heart to deliver blood to the rest of his body), megaesophagus (an enlarged esophagus in which the muscles that propel food and liquid from the mouth to stomach, fail), eye herpes (which can cause eye irritation and pain), AND asthma to top it off.

Purchasing this card means you will be assisting with the care and rescue efforts of the DiPaolo's special furbabies.



* Glossy finish

* Inside of the card is blank

* Square card 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm)

* Each card comes with a white envelope

* Matching enamel pins coming soon

This item is shipped from Australia so for international orders please allow 6 - 14 business days for delivery, to make sure your item arrives before the big day.

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This card is part of the "Special Fluffs Greeting Card Collection".

-- Each card features a special fluff (pet/animal),

-- Each fluff represents an important cause,

-- Each cause will receive a well-deserved donation

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