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Petey the Tripod Pittie Pin

Petey the Tripod Pittie Pin

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Petey's ongoing healthcare.



* Size: 25mm x 25mm (1" x 1")

* Nickel plating

* Hard enamel

* Butterfly fastener/backing


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Petey was found crushed beneath a car as a puppy which resulted in several injuries particularly in the lower half of his body. He has two ruptured discs in his spine, his pelvis is tilted and his hind leg required amputation.

But Petey doesn't let this stop him. What's more, Petey is a therapy dog and does his hospital rounds, brightening days, touching lives and making a real impact.

His injuries are unfortunately chronic and require monthly treatment for managing the pain. This involves acupuncture, sonogram wave therapy, chiropractic sessions and prolozone spinal injections.

Dena is dedicated to ensuring Petey can live comfortably and continue touching lives, volunteering her time, effort and money out of her own pocket. She has managed thus far but a growing concern is whether it is sustainable.

Petey has undoubtedly had a positive impact on many lives and has formed bonds with many people that have come to rely on his visits. Without his treatment however, he will be unable to continue his work as a therapy dog.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated towards the cost of Petey's treatment ❤


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