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Purrmaid of the Month - Set of 6 Pins

Purrmaid of the Month - Set of 6 Pins

Purrmaid of the Month

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Purrmaid of the Month, is a passion project and celebrates real life purrmaids (cats with mobility difficulties) to help raise awareness about special needs cats. A portion of the proceeds made from the sale of these pins will be donated to assist with care and rescue efforts of special needs kitties through nominated rescues/shelter

* Size: approx 25mm or 1" height

* Rose gold / silver / black nickel plating

* Hard enamel

* Rubber fastener/backing to secure it in place

* Comes with an illustrated postcard



If you want to be the first to get your hands on upcoming purrmaids and want to be sure not to miss any, Purrmaid of the Month Club is now open! For more info, visit



Please allow additional time for your sudgoodies to arrive! There are currently extensive shipping delays due to the impacts of coronavirus (cancelled flights, disrupted servicesv etc.). Please get in touch for more info.

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