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Purrman Reecie Pin

Purrman Reecie Pin

Purrmaid of the Month

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Purrman Reecie is our Purrmaid of the Month for May 2022, celebrating real life purrmaids to raise awareness about special needs cats. A portion of the proceeds made from the sale of this set of pins will be donated to SNAP Cats, a shelter dedicated to helping special needs cats like Reecie.

Reecie was born paraplegic and is living proof that special needs cats can live a happy and fulfilling life. This pin design was based on a super cute Reecie pose where he will stretch his arms to the front.

This pin is extra special as it has a detachable scuba mask, which can come on/off with the use of magnets). His left front paw is curled over (as it always is), and how cool is his blue camo tail, especially in contrast to his ginger coat!

You definitely don't want to miss adding this one to your collection!.

* Size: approx 25mm or 1" (scuba mask is tiny, measuring approx 8mm in height)

* Silver plating

* Hard enamel with screen printed details

* Detachable, magnetised scuba mask piece

* Rubber fastener/backing to secure it in place

* Comes with a matching illustration with info on the back in postcard size



If you want to be the first to get your hands on upcoming purrmaids and want to be sure not to miss any, Purrmaid of the Month Club is now open! For more info, visit

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