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Tonka Hoku & Gordo Bullies - Any Occasion Greeting Card

Tonka Hoku & Gordo Bullies - Any Occasion Greeting Card

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This illustrated greeting card features Tonka, Hoku & Gordo, and seeks to raise awareness about dog fighting. Your purchase will help support anti-dog fighting movements such as Bully Strong Crew.



* Glossy finish

* Inside of the card is blank

* Square card 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm)

* Each card comes with a white envelope

This item is shipped from Australia so for international orders please allow 6 - 14 business days for delivery, to make sure your item arrives before the big day.

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This card is part of the "Special Fluffs Greeting Card Collection".

-- Each card features a special fluff (pet/animal),

-- Each fluff represents an important cause,

-- Each cause will receive a well-deserved donation

Dogfighting is the sickening abuse of dogs who are pitted against one another and encouraged to rip each other to shreds in a fight to the death while spectators cheer and gamble on a “winner.” When dogs are not being forced to fight, they are usually kept penned or chained, and many are taunted, starved and forced to take both legal and illegal drugs in order to trigger extreme survival instincts and encourage aggression. ⁣

Dogfighting is outlawed in most parts of the world, however there is evidence to suggest it is on the rise again with the proliferation of social media making it easier for underground organisers to exchange info. ⁣

Moreover, there are countless Instagram accounts that promote dog fighting and post photos/videos showing the gore that results during and after. These posts are outright animal abuse/cruelty, offends many people, and is in clear violation on Instagram's terms & conditions.⁣

According to Instagram however, these users are within their rights and when these accounts are reported, Instagram responds with a generic statement advising that the content DOES NOT violate their community guidelines. ⁣

Bully Strong Crew is a group of bully rescues (many of which are victims of dog fighting themselves) including Tonka, Hoku & Gordo, that are driving change by putting pressure on Instagram to not only properly enforce their terms & conditions and remove these abusive accounts, but to also work with local law enforcement and file the accounts as evidence to shut down the entire operation along with the account. Please help by visiting, and click the link in the bio to sign the petition!

Part of the proceeds from this soon-to-be card will be donated towards the petition as well as the Anti Dog Fighting Worldwide Organisation.

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