Purrmaid Paisley

Purrmaid Paisley

Meet the gorgeous Paisley @poe.tential, our #PurrmaidoftheMonth for April. This one is extra special as it is a memorial piece 🌈❤️ Although she crossed the rainbow bridge in March earlier this yacfear (I just realised I should have made her Purrmaid of March 🤦‍♀️) her angelic nature was apparent well before then. 

Paisley was so loving, she loved everyone, both human and cats, and every foster kitten that met her, found comfort in her immediately. She was so pure and innocent, and such a delight. She would get excited about anything and everything, but was low maintenance and so easy to care for.

Paisley's Purrmaid Story

Paisley was found abandoned at 8 months old and was spotted crossing the road, half paralysed. In disbelief of Paisley's state, and even more so, to discover her owners seemed unfathomed by it and had not bothered to take her to the vet to see what could be done and/or if she was in any pain. So it was no surprise when they happily obliged when Fay offered to take her home with her as a foster (after a visit to the vet, of course).

It is unlikely Paisley was born a purrmaid. The vet visit revealed that her paralysis is a result of injury rather than illness. She was most likely hit by a car as a kitten, and suffered spinal trauma. Rather than receiving immediate medical treatment as she should have, her broken spine was left unattended. Her spine twisted as it healed itself and ultimately caused paralysis.

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