Purrman Reece

Purrman Reece

Reecie is a super loving, sweet & happy kitty. Everyone that meets him, whether online or in person, falls immediately in love with him. This was no exception for Wilma, his foster mom, who was faced with the dilemma of whether to adopt him (as this would mean he’d be alone for a good part of the day). Luckily, she found the perfect forever home for him with AJ.

When Reecie was found at only a few weeks old, it was immediately apparent that his back legs weren’t working. A visit to the vet for some x-rays showed that his paralysis was congenital, so Reecie has been a purrman all his life.

AJ had experience with special needs prior to adopting Reecie. Today, Reecie has 5 siblings who are also special needs. Needless to say, AJ, with her extensive experience with dealing with a variety of special needs, coupled with her medical knowledge, makes her a great resource. She is always sharing her knowledge/thoughts/insights on Reecie’s Instagram page @reecespiecespurrmangram. Here are a few tidbits:

For future/potential special needs parents: “You can do this! If you’re interested in adopting a special needs baby, don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Whatever care, etc you have to give to them, they’ll give back to you tenfold.“

Best thing about having Reecie in your life: “His temperament teaches us so much about going with the flow and living in the moment. He’s also a Godsend to our 5 other special needs cats.”

Reecie fun fact: “He doesn’t have a left acetabulum (hip socket). His left leg is literally held onto his body by muscle and a few ligaments. You’ll see in videos, that leg flopping all over!”

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