Purrmaid of the Month

Purrmaid of the Month is a lil passion project of mine, started in a bid to raise awareness about special needs pets.

"Purrmaid" is a term used to describe mobility challenged kitties in the special needs world, generally with hind leg paralysis. As most feel constricted in a wheelchair (as they make quintessential cat behavior such as climbing and pouncing, impossible), they prefer to use their upper body strength to get around. This causes them to drag their bottom half behind them which make them look like cat-mermaids, or "purrmaids", especially when they wear "drag bags" or tails which protect their legs and other body parts from abrasions.

Purrmaid of the Month features one of these special kitties each month. I illustrate them as a purrmaid, then create charity pins & other products based on the illustration. A portion of the proceeds is donated to a nonprofit nominated by the kitty's guardian.