Purrmaid Scooty

Purrmaid Scooty

Scooty is our first tortie purrmaid! Here are just a few of things that make her special and how I've incorporated it into the design:

* Leopard print tail - Scooty has some serious tortitude, and struts around the place as if she's a fierce leopard 🐆

* Scooty usually wears pants (as opposed to a drag bag/tail) but e loves anything to do with water so is definitely a purrmaid at heart.

* Cory Catfish - she loves to watch the fishies swimming around in the tank. Her fave is an albino Cory Catfish who comes right up to the glass to meet Scooty 🐟

* Purrmaid tail fins - represent Scooty's fluffy back paws

* Dorsal fin with the streak of blonde represents the one on her fluffy twist tail

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