Purrman Dan

Purrman Dan

Meet Dan, our #PurrmaidoftheMonth for March. This handsome tuxedo kitty was rescued off the streets at just 6 weeks old, adopted by Ashley at 3 months old, and living his best life in San Jose ever since.

Dan was most likely born with a spinal abnormality which resulted in paralysis. He is incontinent, so needs his bowels and bladder expressed manually.

Although Dan requires a little extra care, Ashley believes it has allowed them to form a deep emotional connection, that is unlike any she has had with any other pet.

A common concern about special needs pets is that they will require more medical care than the average cat and will therefore be expensive to look after. However. Ashley believes that due to the intimacy that she and Dan share, she is able to catch any health issues early on therefore avoiding hefty medical bills down the road.

To learn more about Dan and his story, or if you want to learn more about special needs cats in general (Ashley is a great source 😊), check out & follow @dapperdanthediapurrman
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